Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little get away

Tomorrow afternoon we head out to go camping with my in-laws. They camp in luxury compared to what I am used too. They have a camper with central air! I'm used to camping in tents. They make fun of me b/c I asked that they find a campsite near the public campground restroom and showers! Using the restroom or showering in a small camper with 5 other people inside doesn't work well for me. I grew up using the campground facilities and I lived :)

Anyway, Sawyer will be staying with Non for the weekend. I've NEVER left any of my babies for more than a night, unless I was in the hospital having a baby! I know he will be in good hands and camping in the heat with an almost 6 month old even with a camper wouldn't be to much fun for him or me!

I will be blogging from my iPhone while I'm there. Well I've been blogging from it a lot lately. I found an app that makes it so easy. If you blog and have an iPhone check out the blogpress app. You'll love it!


Kristen and Andy said...

Just visiting from Jenna' blog and wanted to say hi. Your kids are too cute - I have a little boy born a month after your little one. I know what you mean about taking them camping so young - we just did a trip to the lake earlier this month and stayed overnight and it was rough in the heat - even though the little cabin had a/c. Hope you have a great time!

CreationsForEleanor said...

Just found your blog from Jenna's blog hop. Have fun camping, my husband and I often joke that we are not campers. We have lots of friends that are and they always try and get us to come. We tell them if there is a hotel close to the campsite we are there! Have a fantastic vacation.

CreationsForEleanor said...

Have a wonderful time camping. We have lots of friends that love camping, however my husband and I just cannot do it. We always joke we will find a hotel near the campsite!
Found you from Jenna's Blog hop.