Sunday, February 24, 2008

Breeana's 2nd Birthday Party

So Bree's Party was supposed to be Saturday afternoon with my nan, aunts, cousins, parents, and Shane and Ashley. Due to sickness (the flu) it was canceled and we had to have the party tonight after church. Mom didn't get to come because she is the only one that is still sick. We had to have the party tonight do to work schedule, etc. during the week. Anyway it was fun, just Bree, Scott, Myself, Shane, Ashley, and My Dad. Here are a few pics. I think my family is going to come in next weekend and we will probably have another party!

Talking to Nonny on the phone since she couldn't be there!

The cake...She is a huge Backyardigans Fan!!!

Bree Enjoying Her Piece of Cake!

Pablo is her favorite, here she is with her Pablo Balloon!

This is her party in Glenpool last weekend.
Hopefully next year the whole family can get together for Bree's birthday and we won't have to have so many parties! But I like the cake!!!!!!!!

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