Monday, June 8, 2009

Breeana and her finger sucking...

Me: come here let me paint your fingers ( it's the no bite nail polish)

Bree: I don't want that yucky stuff, I like to suck my fingers.

Me: come here let me paint your fingers

Bree: crying hysterically.

Me: come let me paint your fingers (slight impatience in my voice)

Bree: more crying now flopping in floor

Me: come let me paint them or I'm going to spank your bobo. (just slightly irritated)

Bree: ok you spank my bobo then I'll suck my fingers...

Me: trying not to let her see me laugh!!

I did finally when the battle and get the yucky stuff on her fingers. I let her have a 2nd cup of milk as a peace offering to which she says "I suck my fingers and wash the yucky stuff out of my mouth with my milk?!?!"

I don't know what to do :)


Hilary said...

That is one stubborn, smart, funny, hard-headed, cute kid you've got there! Hey, I think I have one a lot like her!!

Becky said...

Good luck with that, Emily just sucks the stuff off her thumb and keeps it in her mouth. She's 7 and isn't even ashamed of still sucking her thumb!

Dawn said...

My sister is 30-ish and sucked her thumb once to mock her daughter and liked it so much it scared her! She sucked her thumb till about second grade!