Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Blog Post!

So, I thought I should at least do one blog post in August! I guess just not much has been going on around here lately, except that Shane and Ashley up and left us to move to the small town of Paden. We already miss them bunches! I wish Bree could understand a little better, her little mind just can't wrap around the fact that they can't just come over anymore because she NEEDS them too.

Mr. Jarrett has learned a couple of new things lately! He can point to his belly button, ears, and toes when asked too!! He gets so proud of himself. He has added Ha, Ha, Ha (Hot) to his limited vocabulary. Other words are Dada, MaMa, Boo (boot), Ba (bath), Ju (Juice), Bu Bu (Book), Nin Nin Nin (Nane), Non Non (Nonny) and I think that is about it!

Breeana has been busy being Bree. Not much new with her except she has been working on her killer dance moves everyday as she jams out to KidsBop!

We are off to Enid today with Kendra, Maci, Averi, and Gage. It will be 2 adults vs. 5 kids wish us luck!

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