Friday, August 28, 2009

Craziness, Maneaters, and Breakdowns! OH MY!

Kendra, the 5 kids, and I all headed to Enid yesterday for shopping at OldNavy and Chickfila. The trip there was uneventful. We had dinner spent $10 in the arcade and then headed to OldNavy. The kids were pretty okay in the store, trying to corral 5 and shop not an easy task. I think each got a little swat at one point or another while in the store! After OldNavy Kendra and I were done so we loaded up and headed toward Woodward. I had to make a quick stop at the Meno gas station for some water to rinse out Jarrett's bottle, start the movie, etc. well after we got back on the road my van would not shift out of 1st. Now it did this the other day, but I though maybe I had just bumped the shifter or something and didn't think anything of it. Anyway, we limped back to the Gas station tried a couple things to reset the computer with not luck!

We had to call Scott and John to come rescue us. In the mean time we were eaten alive by the biggest man eating mosquito's I have ever seen while we played at a park behind the gas station. The kids had a blast playing and at least the weather was nice. It wasn't a bad day to be stranded in the small town of Meno.

What Kendra says we have learned from this experience and I quote from her "To bring a tranquilizer for my kids, bug spray for the ginormous man eating mosquito's, and band-aids for the kids!!" Hopefully we will never experience this again but next time I will be prepared for something like this! Here are some pictures of the kiddos playing at the park!

Maci and Averi are the fast swinging BLURS!

Scott will be home in a little bit and he is going to call VW. I am praying it is something minor that can be easily fixed and Thanking God that it wasn't anything much worse and we are all safe and made it home!

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Hutton Family said...

I am glad you all survived!!