Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Aside from the lack of sleep this Labor Day Weekend, we had lots of fun hanging out at the lake house with the family. I am not a fisherman so I didn't get into that, and I wasn't real happy when they came in late slamming doors and left EARLY in the morning doing the same, but the majority fishes so ya just deal with it. Jarrett got pretty good at sleeping through it all before we left. There is hardly any privacy in the lake house so his pack n play was pretty much just surrounded by make shift walls (sheets hung from wherever!). We mostly played outside and enjoyed being away from home.

The kids got to go out on the boat one time, it is not safe to go out when the fish are really biting, 9 (or more) adults on one boat hooks flying everywhere not an ideal place for two little ones. I didn't go, but Shane helped Bree almost catch a fish with her little pole. Mom said neither of the kids were all that thrilled with the ride, maybe next year when they are a little bigger :)

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