Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas #3 2009 (only a month late!)

So Ashley says I have been slacking so I am going to try and catch up! Here are a few pictures from Christmas weekend with Scott's parents. We had fun except we had to take Scott, Bree, and Jarrett all to urgent care the day after Christmas. Scott had staph infection in his nose, Bree had staph on her finger, and Jarrett ended up only having a stye on his eye. They were all minor infections and the doc put all three on antibiotic. They were all feeling better by the time we came home.

Ryan checking out Jarrett's gift! Bree and Jarrett checking out what Santa brought them to Mema and Papa's house.

And one of the highlights of the trip...all of the snow the Tulsa area got over Christmas. They didn't stay out long, it was so cold.

Jarrett was in love with his Papa! I think Papa ended up holding him alot, which is fine with me because it gave me a little break!

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