Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful Bree!

Baby girl is 5 today.

She is starting to act so old. Doing things like carrying her purse and actually shopping, reading price tags, telling time. However, she still loves to cuddle, be held, and I catch her stiffing her cup on occasion (if you remember she first sniffed her bink, then her sippy cup, now it's rare but I guess the habit creeps up now and again)!

I have to say there is never a restful or dull moment with Bree around.

She loves attention and all eyes to be on her!

I'm amazed at how much she learns at school. The girl is a sponge and remembers everything! I love watching her write, draw, listen to her sound out words!

Bree is an amazing big sister. She loves her brothers (most of the time). I absolutely love when she and Jarrett play school or house together with Sawyer in the middle if it all!

5 years has crept by at times, flown by at others.

Bree you're a beautiful, compassionate, smart, energetic, talented, loving, outgoing, loved little girl! Happy 5th Birthday!!'

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Kara said...

Happy birthday Bree!!!