Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 things that make me smile!

Breeana talking about running and racing! Just this week she has claimed she can beat poppy at muddy buddy and she's faster at running than I am!

Jarrett's imagination! He's always acting out stuff lately. Examples: he acts like Dora and is always on a mission, today he is a spider and I must call him spider.

The way Sawyer has to be sucking one bink and holding another in his little hands to go to sleep.

When my hubby texts me every morning to say "good morning and I love you", since I'm still snoozing when he gets up to go to work!
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Dawn said...

Those made me smile too!

Kara said...

Cole and Jarrett crack me up. Just today Cole was pointing and saying, this path or this path! They are so cute!