Friday, August 19, 2011

Back TO School 2011/12

Kindergarten already! Can't believe how much Bree has grown and changed since last year. Let me say girls got an ATTITUDE, but she is also sweet, sensitive, and caring!

Seems like overnight we've gone from Mickey Mouse, Backyardigans, and Max & Ruby to ICarly and Victorious. (Scott and I love these two shows...maybe more than Bree...shh!) Notice she's rockin' and ICarly backpack. We are looking for the Victorious lunch bag, no luck yet.

She has Mrs. White this year. She wouldn't let me walk her in this morning. Just wanted to be dropped off. I shed a few tears. Not of sadness, I've been counting down to school starting! I'm just proud of how brave and big my timid, shy child is getting.

(I think she's beautiful! Not sure where she got it!)

Breezy also shed a few tears this morning. Mrs. White told me that after she found a friend from last year at recess she was all better.

I'm excited to see what new things Bree learns this year and to hear about what she does everyday. I have a jealous little boy who wants so bad to go to school too. However, I think he and Saw are enjoying ruling the roost for a few hours a day!!!

Scott finally got to come home today from a job he's been on in Texas! We are so excited. He's been working down there for several weeks. He should be close by for awhile now and we are so happy!

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