Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today was a big day! Breeana finally rode her bike with out the training wheels. She was so proud of herself. I'm thankful for FaceTime on the IPhone 4, that is how her daddy got to see her ride!

Can't believe she is starting Kindergarten in 6 days. I must say I'm ready at the same time, she is hard to keep entertained!

We went to my mom's for a quick dinner tonight. Bree and Jar wanted to go outside and play. They were out for a few seconds and ran in saying "something is out there! It has four legs.". Mom went out to investigate. Jar kept saying, "it has four legs, but not a snake!" Turns out a lizard was scampering by their sandbox!

Jarrett is a handful, but so much easier than his sister.

Then there is Sawyer! He has mastered the four wheeler at my mom and dad's.

Last night he also figured out the jeep. He's a BAD driver! He giggles and jabbers the whole time. No clue what he is saying.

I'm also trying to trim down binky time. I have started not letting him take if in stores. Well we went to Stage, he was TICKED the entire time we were there. He just wanted his binky. I thought Bree was hard to break, I think Saw will be harder. He doesn't have to have it all the time, but when he wants it he wants it NOW!

I love that each of my children are unique and have totally different personalities. As tired and frustrated as I get with them, I'm truly thankful for my babies and wouldn't trade any minute good or bad that I have with them!
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