Monday, September 19, 2011

Halfway point-Marathon training

Marathon training, first of all never in a million years thought I'd use those two words so often, much less actually be training for a Marathon!

This week Michelle and I completed week 9, which is officially the half way mark. Up until Saturday we were only running distances we have conquered already although not as often as the training request we run them. Saturday was a huge milestone for us as we had to run farther than we ever have to date...15 miles. And ya know what, it wasn't as bad as I expected! Although once I stopped at 15.04 I felt as if my muscles just gave out and were like "we thought you'd never stop!". After a few minutes I felt better though! But, Michelle...well..

No she's not passed out, just the middle of our trail!

Over the past 9 weeks I think we only had a couple training days where we didn't feel great or cut the days mileage short, but we always make it up somehow. The next 2 weeks are gonna be crazy as Michelle will be gone, luckily we were able to switch up some long mileage days and not have to stray from our schedule too much.

In 3 weeks we will conquer another mileage milestone 18 miles. (shh...don't tell Michelle but the schedule says 16, I carry the gps so we are going 18 she will never know til we are done!)

So that's my update. I know the 2nd half of training is gonna push me in so many ways and maybe even make me doubt my ability to conquer a marathon, but I'm gonna keep on running til I cross that finish line Nov 20 and get this spiffy medal!!

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