Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time coming

I've been waiting for ever to throw Ashley a baby shower. Not that I did it alone, because alone it wouldn't have happened. Several ladies asked if they could help host or were volunteered by someone. Thanks to Michelle, Brandy, Kirstie, Dawn, Janice, Amanda, and Yulonda for everything!

Ashley and I read lots of blogs and some of the ladies we read in Arkansas throw fancy showers for their friends. Ashley always comments on how much she loves the decor so we tried our best to rival them. Ash says we gave them a run for their money, that's all that matters to me!

One of my best friends in Glenpool made these cute cupcakes for us. Not only were they cute but they were super yummy!

See the little owl at the bottom of the center piece. Dawn Castor whipped those up for us! They were perfect and so cute!

The food table, I didn't get the best pictures but I'm sure Ashley will post better ones! Michelle made the awesome banner.

I so enjoyed seeing Ashley so happy and watching her open her gifts.

However my most favorite part of this weekend...

Loving on this little lady. She got so excited when she saw me. Maybe she does that to everyone I don't know, but this aunt loves it anyway!

Can't wait to see little missy again (you and Shane too Ash!).

Sawyer loves her too. These pics don't show all his love. He tried rolling all over her!! Hard to get a pic of that when trying to keep a 32 lb 19 month old chunk from lovingly squishing a 7 mon old itty bitty girl!

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Ashley said...

I Loved every bit of it!!! Thanks again! and we are ready to see you guys again too!