Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, March 28, 2011


We headed out LATE Friday night for Tulsa to see Scott's parents. We arrived there around midnight, visited, got the kids wound down and finally fell asleep around 2 am. The kids were up ready to go by 8 am.

We finally got to take Bree to Chuckie Cheese. I think all 5 kids were overwhelmed with excitement. Mema got them 40 tokens each (not Sawyer). The adults ended up finishing them off, at some point it was too much and the kids just ran around not knowing what to play!

We didn't eat there was just too crowded. The plan was chickfila, but they were crazy busy too. Just so happens my most favorite pizza place was in the same shopping center. Savastano's, mmmmmmmm! Think I ate half a family size pizza!

We headed back home for play time with Mema and papa.

These girls are so funny together. Bree had a sleep over at Kimmy's for the first time ever! I think they wore Crystal out. Bree even went to church and went to Sunday School with Kimmy. A couple teaches the class so Bree even went knowing a man teacher would be there. Maybe we are past that fear????!!!???

Papa with his mini me! I think Saw favors his papa so much in looks.

I was afraid Saw wouldn't remember them since it's been awhile between visits and he's a little clingy. He went right to them though. I think kids just know their grandparents!

I got a cute video of the bigs playing band, but it won't upload.

Jarrett crashed hard after a long day.

Oh and I have to stick my foot in my mouth. I have said I'd never by Tom's because they are expensive an almost nothing shoe. But I tried on a pair of Bob's this weekend and I kinda like them.

I didn't but them "yet" still thinking on it.

We made it home around 7 yesterday. I have tons of laundry to do and I have to figure out what new vacuum I might want. Mine pretty much bit the dust!

So this was just a rambling post, so I'll ramble a couple more things!

- I ran 10 miles minus headphones on Friday (thanks kara for entertaining my kids). It was an awesome run. I'm confident I will be able to do the marathon in November!

- my hubby is taking me on an overnight stay on OKC Friday, can't wait! He line up babysitter (my mom) reserved the room and everything!!!!

Think that's all! Have a happy week!!!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 Reid's came to play!

Today Carter, Cole, and Crosby came to play with Jarrett, Sawyer, & I. It was kinda like having 2 sets of twins with the older lone brother. Poor Carter I think he was bored out of his mind!

Jarrett and Cole are trouble when together!

They are sneaky, mischievous, but way sweet too. I caught them stealing Hot Tamales.

Partners in Crime!

While Jarrett could have safely denied involvement if no picture were taken as proof. Cole, well I caught him Red Faced!

Sawyer and Crosby just hung out and played.

Sawyer may have loved him a little too much at times :). He was also a bit jealous the longer Crosby was here!

I have to say Crosby is a sweetie! He wrapped his little arms and monkey feet around me and gave the best slobber kisses!

We had lots of fun :)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Church Park

Ashley and I took Saw and Jare to the church playground to play today. Non and Bree met us there after the planted potatoes in the garden. We figured the park playgrounds would be really crowded!

Breezy boodle just swinging barefoot. We love the almost spring weather.

Jarrett...this first picture is so him. He is so ornery and full of energy!

He loves to "fwing".

My lil chunk! He is a roly poly butterballoif pure sweetness. His smile is contagious and is almost always present!

We've had a great spring break. Bree is however already asking when she can go back to school. I'm sure her tune will change in a couple years!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zoo Trip Spring Break 2011

The zoo, well it was a ZOO, a zoo of People. I've never been to a zoo as crowded as it was today! We managed to have fun anyway!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 things that make me smile!

Breeana talking about running and racing! Just this week she has claimed she can beat poppy at muddy buddy and she's faster at running than I am!

Jarrett's imagination! He's always acting out stuff lately. Examples: he acts like Dora and is always on a mission, today he is a spider and I must call him spider.

The way Sawyer has to be sucking one bink and holding another in his little hands to go to sleep.

When my hubby texts me every morning to say "good morning and I love you", since I'm still snoozing when he gets up to go to work!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 months down!

Today marks two months that I've been using the Lose It app to track calories and exercise for weight loss

I weighed in at 171.8 this morning and have lost 4 inches overall this month. So not much lost the past month but, I've been tossing things that have gotten too big out of my closet. I'm also wearing jeans I haven worn since 2007. So I'm happy with that. My endurance and strength are what have seemed to increase the most! This week I conquered a goal I've had since last June, I ran 3.1 miles each mile under a 10 min mile. And today I ran 9 miles averaging a 10:47 mile. Never thought I get here and here I am!

Excited about what changes will happen in the next 30 days.

Here are the pictures, I can't tell much change myself. Does help that the lighting was terrible last month!

Hope there are more obvious changes next time.

And for fun...left picture April 2010 and right picture this week, same shirt in both :)