Sunday, May 20, 2012

$70 in about 20 min

That would be how much we spent at the Carnival in town this weekend! Next time I'll buy the wrist bands, I just wasn't sure if Jarrett and Sawyer would ride or not. They have issues with loud noises. Momma was wrong!!! They absolutely loved it and we had to drag Sawyer to the van when we were done.

So what does $70 buy?

60 tickets, I started with 30 and they were gone after 3 rides so I went back for more. They rode the 4 wheelers, airplanes, boat, ferris wheel, motorcycles, and Bree and Jarrett did a funhouse thing while Saw and I bought a funnel cake and drink. The funnel cake and drink cost $10, ouch! Man I shoulda bought the bracelets, I woulda spent $85 total but they could have rode unlimited. Lesson learned!

My kiddos had fun so I'm happy. I'm thinking carnivals make good money!

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