Monday, May 14, 2012

Setting Sail

On a 7 day cruise! About a year and a half ago Robin and I had a thought to take a girl's trip just she and I. However, our hubbies quickly vetoed all our plans! Then she texted me one day and said Jerald said why not we go cruising us and our hubbies. Scott said sure so we booked the cruise! So we headed for Galvaston May 5th.

And set sail May 6th!!

Our first two days were spent just relaxing and eating and relaxing and eating!

Robin and I laid out during the afternoon and the guys rested on their balconies.
Jamaica was our first port! It wasn't my favorite place but I'd like to go again and see more. We went to Chukka and rode dune buggies through a 2000 acre sugar cane ranch.

This was before. After we were covered in mud!

Next up Grand Cayman. Loved it there! We Snorkeled on a sandbar home to stingrays. It was pretty but I'm not a fan of the stingray!

I have more pics on a water camera that need developed. After the stingrays we visited a sea turtle farm. That was fun!

We got to hold several turtles, see some massive ones, and even snorkel with some.
Third stop Cozumel. Loved this stop as well. Would love to go back and do my own thing instead of a carnival excursion. Was still fun. We visited some Mayan ruins and learned of their culture. Good news our guide 3/4 Mayan says the world will not end Dec 21 2012!

After that we just relaxed on the beach!

I had so much fun with Scott and our friends. We plan to go again in a few years with them and their boys, might even become an every other year tradition! We will see!
Oh and I loved getting back home to my little munchkins! They say the missed me but I'm not sure, non and pop spoiled them!

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