Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Little Drama Queen!!!!

This morning Breeana woke up feeling much better. Except for the small fact that she made me carry her from the bed to the couch, because her legs have owies! (She ended up with owies on both legs, because the first time the nurse tried to give her a shot Bree pulled the needle our and scraped her leg and then got the shot in the other leg.) She is cracking me up! She keeps asking me to bring her toys and I tell her to get up and get it and she looks at me with a pitiful face and says "Can't mommy owies." I have assured her that her legs are fine and she can walk, but she still has not attempted leaving her post on the couch! I hope this doesn't last all day and I hope when this boy gets here he is tougher that she is!!!!!!!!

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