Monday, March 31, 2008

Bree's Aunt Ashewaly!!!

Breeana has been quite attached to her ent ashewaly (that is how Bree would say it) over the past week. I am not sure why, but when she decides she likes someone can't get enough of them, when she doesn't like them she ignores them (this would be Shane most of the time!), and her mind can change at any given moment. As for now her aunt is in her good graces and is probably her favorite person on earth at this very moment. I think it's because Ashley will do just about anything Bree wants her to do and well I won't! Here is a little bit of what they were up to tonight. The following video clip is of Bree and Ashley "Shopping"!


Thank you Ashley for loving my little girl so much!!!!


Ashley said...

How could you not love her!!! Thank you though for that lovely view of my huge butt!!!!!!!

Hilary said...

Cute. Those Aunt and Grandma people will do anything they want, huh? The Easter pics are great! Hope she is feeling better and her owies are healed-too funny!

Kara said...

cute pics and video...she looks like she is all better!

Mandy said...

Now, that is my kind of shopping!!