Sunday, March 15, 2009

For Jaxxon

Born to early to gasp your first breath,
Held by your mommy as you drifted to rest.

12 ounces 10 1/4 inches of precious little boy,
Even in death your parents pride and joy.

You looked like your daddy from you head to your toes,
Except for your momma's cute little nose.

Though only here for a brief moment in time,
the memory of you lives on, in our hearts, in our minds.

Jaxxon Shane Allen
Born and met Jesus February 26, 2009

**This may show up on Ashley's blog...she was logged into blogger on my computer and I didn't know it when I created the post so it posted to her blog...I deleted it and logged into my blogger and redid it.


Ashley said...

That sums him up perfectly. Thanks for this I love it.

Anonymous said...

Perfect words We do all love him muchly.His footprints on our hearts forever.Thanks