Monday, March 9, 2009

No Pictures Tonight, Sorry!

So, I haven't posted in awhile. I just thought I would drop a few lines about what it going on.


*Jarrett got his 8th haircut today, I will post pics tomorrow, maybe!
*He is pulling up and cruising on/around everything.
*He is tougher than his sister was, he falls, roll, bumps and rarely makes a peep about it, but we all know sister is a bit of a DRAMA girl!!!
*Still no teeth, but that doesn't stop him from eating whatever whenever. He is always hungry. Yesterday at Nonny's he ate some of his UNCLE NANE'S yummy steak and loved it. (They were tiny pieces) I got him gerber graduates pasta pick ups today and he loves them. BREE NEVER AND STILL DOESN'T EAT MUCH, so this having to feed my child 3 meals, bottles, and snacks is new to me.
*He is doing better with not being held so much after being held for 84+ hours in the hospital a week ago.
*He is the sweetest, orneriest, cutest, little cuddle bug and I love him to pieces!!!


*Has discovered the word "why?" and uses it ALL THE TIME!!!!
*Is going through a "I wanna wear dresses stage" we only have like 2 that aren't fancy church dresses.
*Loves play-doh right now, she wakes up asking to do play-doh.
*Doesn't want to sleep in her own bed, prefers snuggling up to mommy and daddy! Just a little phase she goes through a few days each month it seems. She won't want to cuddle us for long, so we are just enjoying it.
*Sings the "Little Einsteins" all day long, it is sooooo CUTE!
*She moved up to the 3 year old class in SS. She told me Sunday when I asked if she had fun "I cried for you and daddy a little"
*We are having a little issue with her mouth. She likes to run it a little TOO much.


As most of you probably know Shane and Ashley had their baby, Jaxxon Shane, on Feb 26, and he left us for Heaven shortly after. I didn't get to hold my little Nephew, but he has a huge place in my heart and always will. When I look at my babies, I wonder what he would have been like and how he and Jarrett would have been the best of friends. I have a little onsie I bought him hanging in my kitchen, I put it there to remember to take it to Ashley in Glenpool while she was on bed rest. I haven't taken it down and don't know when I will, it's my little reminder of him. I don't understand why he couldn't stay with us, and I probably never will, but my Father in Heaven is perfect and nothing happens without his knowledge. Shane and Ashley are so strong. I am not sure anyone can know how to handle, or how they would handle a situation until presented with it, and I think they are amazing. Breeana still asks about Baby Jaxx. She and Ashley have talked about him. I am not sure how much she understands. I have shown her his pictures and told her he had to go live in Heaven. At the grave I explained that we put his little body there, but he is in Heaven and the spot he is buried is just so we can remember him. She still "writes" his name, and that is fine with me. I don't want her to forget him.


On a different note, Mom, Ashley, the kids and I are headed to either ENID or OKC tomorrow to have a little fun together. Hope everyone has a great week!


Dawn said...

Perhaps Nonny could make her some dresses! My wonderful Mother in law made the girls lots of cute little dresses by attaching a long ruffle to the bottom of a tshirt when they were in the dress stage! Sarah is way excited about your picture session!

Go For It! said...

Tears... more tears. Thanks for the post Tish. I love my grand babies!

Becky said...

I just have to say that I have always thought the inventor of play dough should be tortured or at the very least - made to monitor children playing with it for hours, by himself, in his home, one his carpet.... Hope you guys had a relaxing day yesterday, you all deserve it!

Ashley said...

Baby Jaxxon Loves his aunt Tisha too.