Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Pics From My IPhone

I haven't posted any pics in a while so here are more than a few!!

Jare Bear riding Sissy's bus (shh don't tell her!!)

Playing Dress Up!

Playing at the park.

Notice the snot pouring from his nose, can't see it? It is there!!!

Jare's little foot with the IV in it :(

This really does not show how BIG his lip got, it was HUGE

This is when it was about back to normal.

They switched the IV to his arm the day before we left. Why? I think to torture the little guy and his mommy. It was in his arm for like 15 hrs. I don't think 15 more hours in his foot would've mattered.

All better chillin' in the swing at the park...he likes it so much it lulled him to sleep!!!

Look at his hair in the pic above and then the next one, this was the 8th Haircut, one every month!!! Oh he is also scarfing Multi-Grain Cheerios his new fav!

Many Faces of Bree...

Just thought he looked so CUTE!

In Choir the kiddos do A Tootie Ta, a little song with movement, they love it. Here is Bree...she didn't know I was taking pics, or she wouldn't have done the motions. I love watching her!

I took Jarrett in for his follow up appointment for the Staph infection. Doc says his lip still has a small hard spot, but he is not worried about it. We are to finish his antibiotic out and put Bactroban in his nose 2 times a day for 5 days. FUN STUFF! I asked about him eating everything is site. Doc says that is normal since he has been so sick and stuff, his body needs the extra calories. He is back up to about 18 1/2 lbs. I think he is the smallest boy in the nursery his age!!!


Sarah Castor said...

These are adorable! I'm super excited about taking Bree's pictures! YEAH!

Dawn said...

Cute pictures--I hardly ever see your kids in person cause they are always in the nursery!