Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awana Night!

Breeana was in Puggles at Awana this year. Sunday was Children's Day at our church. So Sunday night was Awana Night. Bree and her friends from Puggles and all the other children who attend away sang a song to open the night. After that the Puggles sang their theme song and said a bible verse. She was so cute singing and waving her scarf. It takes alot of effort to sling a scarf that is longer than you are!

Before we marched in to sing with everyone. (L to R)
Harley, Bree, Maci, Tabby, Emmy-Kate

She will be in Puggles again next year. She had fun this year, but I think she will enjoy it more come September when she is a little older!


Sarah Castor said...

How adorable! I am sad I missed it!

Dawn said...

How cute! Looks like they were having fun!