Monday, May 25, 2009

Nan & Pa's Part 1

Breeana loves going to Nan & Pa's house. I guess you could say they live on a farm. Pa hatches and raises a few kinds of chickens and turkeys, has horses, and cattle. Anyway, she plays outside the majority of the time we visit. We were able to stay Thursday-Saturday this time and she had a blast.

I ran into town to get ice, we go through alot of it, and on my way back I saw a turtle on Nan and Pa's dirt road so I stopped and picked it up for Bree. It became her pet for a few hours then I convinced her it would be better off set free.

Shane was trying to take a nap, Bree wasn't going to let that happen, she thought he need a pirate patch on his eye! I love how she looks like she is in awe of him!

When she is not outside she is hooked her Nan like glue. She loves to cook with Nanny. My nan is not so much used to little ones in the kitchen, lets just say Bree keeps her nan on her toes!

There will be 2 more posts about out stay with Nan and Pa....check back tomorrow!!

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