Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation In Branson With Scott's Family!!!

We had so much fun in Branson with Scott's Parents, and his sister's family. There are a whole bunch of pictures on this post, just a warning!!!

So I got this brilliant idea that I would take Kimberly in our car along with Bree and Jarrett. The girls played well together the whole trip and DID NOT NAP the entire drive. They started to get a little stir crazy in Springfield, but all in all the ride there wasn't too bad.

We spent Thursday shopping because Silver Dollar City is closed they Malls are pretty smart. The scatter these little rides all over and of course when Grandparents are around Grandkids seem to get what they want, so the girls rode about 5 of this quarter eating rides.

For some reason I didn't get many pics of Ryan and Jarrett. I guess b/c they were always in their stollers chillin' . I bought a sit n stand at Target before we headed out. Let me tell you it was a life saver!!! I had Jarrett, Bree, and Kimmy in it at one point at Silver Dollar City!

Tea Cups!!

Scott, Janice, and Travis took turns squeezing in these rides with the Girls. Crystal and I rode the coaster and teacups with them and then they told us they wanted their dads. Guess moms aren't cool enough to ride rides with them!

Scott and his Birthday Ribbon from the School House!

Kimmy was on her daddy's shoulders alot!

Me and my lil' Man at Branson Landing!

We tried to ride the ducks on the way home, but it was 10 am and they next tour they could fit 10 on was at 11 am. We were all tired and ready to come home so we decided to pass. This did not sit well with the girls b/c we had told them they would get a duck call on the boat. They started crying. We felt sorry for them so Travis went to the ticket booth and asked how much the "blowers" were. They guy had sympathy on out little cuties and just gave them each one!!

Had I thought it through and realized I had to ride home with the girls in my car with their blowers we probably wouldn't have let them have them right then....

But they soon crashed due to lack of naps and sleep.....ah peace and quite for the first time on vacation...we wore them out!!!!


Dawn said...

those first two are so funny! It looks a little bit oxygen masks falling from the airplanes! And the second one is a hoot! I think that there's some family resemblance!

Ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love how they both sleep with there mouths open real wide!