Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & Pumpkin Painting 2011

We had to make a quick trip to Glenpool this weekend. We are selling our rent house there and had to go check out how much work we need to do to make it more sellable. That's another post all in itself! We have a ton to do! While Scott and his dad got started Janice, the kids, and I met Ashley and Jaxxi at the pumpkin patch!

The kids had fun roaming, climbing, and feeding the animals.

We spent the afternoon with Kim and Ryan.

Sawyer's nose had a little run in with the sidewalk. It looks pitiful today and to top it off he's all snotty. My stomach turns everytime I have to wipe his poor little nose.

I finally gave into Bree's multiple request to paint their pumpkins today. It did occupy a good hour so it wasn't too bad. Sawyer also painted his head. Jarrett was the cleanest painter and Bree the most creative.

I found these lovely self portraits on my phone when I was deciding what pix to post. She acts just like her aunt ash!

In 4 days I leave for Dallas! 2 kid free days and Muddy Buddy!!
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