Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Carly, Horses, and Turkeys Oh My!!

Mom, Ash, the kids and I headed to Paden Thursday evening. We went for my Nan's Birthday, she turned "29" again! And my mom was going to help her sisters clean out a room for my Great Grandpa, so Ash and I went along for the ride.

My Pa (Mom's Dad) is always getting into new things. He has always had cows. About a year ago he decided to go in the goat business....I think it failed and now he has moved on to having chickens, turkeys, horses ( 6 of the), and steers (about 25) to rope. He is also in the process of building an arena. I personally think he has too much time on his hands since retirement!!! Who knows what will be next. Bree hasn't decided if she likes Pa that much or not....he is very loud...and he is determined for her to like him. They fed Turkey's together and gathered chicken eggs.

He saddled up a horse just for her to take a little ride. Nonny had to get on with her. Bree didn't want to get off. She kept saying "Lead us around again Pa."

Jarret hung out with the newest member of our family Baby Carly. She is 2 or so months old and is a little sweetie!!!

We had fun and I was glad to get away for a couple of days and rest, but I am happy to be back home! I leave you with a pic of me and my favorite little guy!!! Do you think he looks like me??

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Kara said...

Looks like fun, Carter wants on that horse really bad :) Jarrett looks like his beautiful momma!