Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I was scrolling through my old posts and came across the "Oh Brother, Why do you cry so much?" post and thought I should update on him. This is mostly for me. but you can read if you want!

So the "training" was working a little, but not enough to satisfy mom. So at my mom's class pj party Ashley was talking to Sally about Jarrett. (how dare his aunt talk about him crying all the time!!! j/k) and Sally mentioned that Mandy put her boys on Soy milk. Well this made me out!!! Scott was on Soy when he was a baby...maybe that is our problem. So I put him on Enfamil Gentlease the very next day. (this is soy and milk broken down. I am always trying to get more for my money and well soy is $2.00 higher and you get like 2 oz. less so I was trying it first). It pretty much worked instantly. The nursery even said he is doing so much better, like a new kid. Wish I would have thought of it sooner.

He still throws a good fit at least twice a day, usually when he is tired. He won't take a binky, I think b/c his frenulum (sp?? the thing that holds the tongue underneath) needs clipped...we get that checked on Nov. 13. I think this also causes him to have a hard time taking his bottle at first...he gags until it gets in his mouth just right, especially when he is mad.

Anyway that is that!!! Mommy is happy, boy is is a good thing!!!


Mandy said...

You know, I kind of feel stupid for not mentioning the sow thing to you before! Anyway, who are you seeing abou the tongue clipping thing, because I also have some opinions about that! To long to post, but I will talk to you about it later (it has a lot to do with "my schooling"! Just remind me.

Dawn said...

I'm glad he's doing better!