Friday, October 31, 2008

Brother and Sister Love

Jarrett has started eating veggies. His first was squash which he loved as you can tell from the picture below. Next we moved to green peas, which he loved. This is new territory for me. Bree would only eat like 2 bites of everything we fed her and she still doesn't eat much at all. Jarrett on the other hand would eat an entire step one container if I would let him. Which brings me to my question of the day for all of you mommies out there. Exactly how much baby food should I let him eat? The whole container, half, I am baffled, only because Bree was not an eater so I didn't have to think about it. We do veggie at lunch and cereal around 7 or 8. Any opinions or advice is welcomed! He turned 4 months old on Sunday by the way :) !

Now the original intent for this post. This morning when Jarrett got up, I changed him, fed him, burped him, and then put him on the floor to play with his toys. I asked Bree to "talk" to him. As I was unloading the dishwasher I heard, "I'll be right back brother..." her feet pitter patter down the hall and in a few seconds back up the hall...then SILENCE...this is usually scary so I go in the living room and find.........




This is how she babysits.....she becomes a baby too!!! They laid there together for like 10 minutes so no complaints from mom who got the kitchen all clean!

And now for a new trick courtesy of Aunt Ash who let her do this Thursday night. Bree came to me and told me Jarrett was awake from his nap. I finished up whatever I was doing and headed to his room only to find...

Bree in bed with Jarrett. The are so darn cute together smooching on each other!!! She did it again after his next nap, but this time moved him all around and probably would have tossed him out if I hadn't made it to his room when I did, so now this is a NO NO!


Kara said...

About the food, I let my boys eat a whole jar, but I can't remember when, probably by 5-6 months. I also mixed half a fruit and half a veggie, but they stil ate a whole jar...also they were big babies, so who knows.

About Bree loving on Jarrett, that is so cute! I am worried about my two getting in the crib too. Carter is getting better about not trying to pick him up from the swing and bouncy but who knows about that crib! Good luck, just keeps us on our toes right!

Mandy said...

By the time my boys were four months they were getting a fruit and a veggie and probably some meat at lunch time. They were also getting cereal with fruit in it for breakfast and for lunch. So if he would eat an entire jar of #1 foods I would probably let him. My boys were just happier when they were getting fed. Good luck with the crib thing. Max and Sam started a tag team thing to get Ben out of his crib! That was interesting!