Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help Needed!!!

If you don't know Ashley and I started teaching the 2 year old Sunday School class last Sunday. It was alot of fun, but I must say the kids are not used to sitting for a story, doing activities, waiting for snack time, instead of crackers the whole time etc. they just want to play constantly with no structure. I know that at that age they learn through play, which is where you may come in. This Sunday and the whole month of October we are learning about the bible. The lesson plans call for a keyboard or a typewriter. I do not have either of these. If any of you blog readers Mandy, Sally, Kara, Becky, Hilary, etc. happen to have an old keyboard laying around, a typewriter, a kids laptop, or a real laptop that doesn't work that we could borrow please let me or Ashley know. If not I will figure something out.



Dawn said...

Y'all are either very brave or crazy to teach those little knee biters. God Bless you!

Janice said...

There might be an extra keyboard around the church office somewhere. I know there was one, Tony would know where it is if we still have it.

Mandy said...

You know what really stinks. My mother and I both just got rid of our old stuff right before school started this year!