Monday, November 10, 2008

Bree's Singing Debut

Breeana sang with her puggles and the cubbies on Sunday. I was amazed she stayed on stage. Now did she exactly sing like she was supposed to? I will let the following pictures do the talking for me!

She is off to a good start, mind you the music hasn't even started yet!

Inching her way up the stairs.

No she thinks she will go for a little climb!

Checking out the speaker.

So for her first time I think she did pretty good. I was very afraid she wouldn't even go on stage, she is kinda shy sometimes. Nicole (a friend in the choir) said she sand the entire time she was facing them....maybe she just didn't want the to miss out! She sings again on Dec. 7th with our entire Awana group, maybe she will stay in one spot, or maybe we won't let her stand on the end!!!


Ashley said...

ahh memories!!!

Dawn said...

She did know all the words! And maybe she just needed a chance to see the choir up close!

sherri said...

this is so good tish i love it

sherri said...

hey tisha to cute

sherri said...

to cute tisha

sherri said...

hey tisha to cute