Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's new with us?


  • Has finally decided to roll over!!! He went from Tummy to back a week ago and Back to Tummy 2 days ago. He doesn't roll very often, but at least I know he can do it!

  • I haven't found a baby food he doesn't like. His favs are sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, pears, and applesauce. These are his favs cause he eats them fast and grunts "mmm, mmm, mmm" the whole time he is eating!

  • He has decided he loves his Jumper-Roo. He jumps really fast!

  • He goes to the doc tomorrow. We will get his weight and height checked and I think he gets 3 or 4 shots. :)


  • She has started sucking her index and middle finger on her right hand. I took her binky on Aug 25th. She just starting sucking her fingers a lot last week. I try and pull them out when I see her, but she does it anyway. How do I take away fingers??? And why has she started the after 2 months with out a binky??? Oh and she has to gets shots tomorrow too!

  • She still gets in Jarrett's bed when he wakes from nap, but she asks me if she can first and she entertains him in there until I finish whatever task I am doing when he wakes. She is a pretty good babysitter!

  • She is learning her ABC's finally and trying to count with her fingers...she sometimes holds up too many or too few and she has a hard time with 3.

  • Her favorite new phrases "I have an idea" but she never tells me what the idea is and "Come here mommy, I have to show you something" usually it is nothing, just a way to get me in her room!!!


  • Well, he has been out of town since Monday. I didn't miss him to much at first, but I found out today he wouldn't be home until Friday late and I am missing him like crazy!

  • Nothing else that I know of going on with him!


  • I have been sorting through toys and clothes deciding what to give to Thanks4giving at our church.

  • Wondering how yesterday I had gained 5 lbs and today it was gone??? How does this happen? Also wishing it was easier and to loose weight!

  • Wondering why I let Scott put my Christmas stuff in the attic a couple months ago, knowing I would want it down right about now. What was the point?

  • Feeling sorry for myself b/c I have to hold down 2 kids tomorrow for shots, what was I thinking scheduling them on the same day!

Sorry no pics, I am too lazy right now to get up and find my camera to download any!

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Dawn said...

I'm so relieved that at 3 Bree finally learned her ABCs. Whew! I was worried :)