Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Survived

Breeana figured out we were going somewhere when she woke up this morning and I was actually fixing my hair. I was hoping to not have to tell her till we pulled up to the docs office, but when she asked me "where us going" I couldn't lie. I told her that she and brother had to go to the doctor. Thinking I was in the clear I continued curling my hair. But no, she then asks "us have get shots?" Again, I couldn't lie, so when I said yes the crying began. She cried off and on for an hour begging me not to take her. When I mentioned a sucker and sticker she perked up a little.

When we got to the doc office she became a brave little girl and got her 3 shots. Yes she cried, but she sat on my lap like a big girl, consoling her nonny threw her tears and owies saying "i's be okay nonny, it's okay." I had to fight back my own tears partially cause my baby was crying and partly because I was realizing what a "big" girl she is becoming.

Now for Jarrett. Well he's pretty happy if mommy and his bottle are near by. He flirted with the nurse and chatted with the doctor. He weighed in at 16 lbs. 11 oz. at 4 1/2 months old. To my relief they have combined several shots into 1 so he only had to endure 2 shots instead of 4. He was a lil' trooper and didn't cry too much.

They are both sleeping now, Jarrett usually doesn't like or want to be held during naps, but today he does so I am taking time away from laundry and cleaning to snuggle him! My baby needs me the chores can wait, he won't be little forever!


Kara said...

glad they is so much easier when they are little. Caden's 4 yr shots were an absolute nightmare!

Becky said...

Both getting shots and no daddy to help soothe them in the evening -you are one brave woman! I don't care for shots much myself!