Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008 (Breeana)

Okay so I am a scatter brained mother who first of all didn't get any pics of Jarrett dressed up. (Not that he wore the intended costume anyway, he screamed every time I put it on him). I plan to put his camo back on this week and get his picture. Then I forgot to take my camera to the fall festival. And I didn't get any pics of my kiddos together. I will do a better job next year. I did manage a few shots of my Lil' Leopard Ballerina (that is what I call this costume anyway). She was quite the cutie if I say so myself!!! (by the way these are the only pics that were not blurry...not sure what was up with my camera, but I think I will be getting myself a new one soon!)

She loves to ride Uncle Nane's shoulders!