Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cake for Daddy!

Today is Scott's 31 Birthday. Breeana has been really excited about his birthday all week and insisted we make him a birthday cake. She wanted it to be a rainbow cake and have a picture of her on it. We went to walmart to get a mix and icing etc. She picked out candy footballs, red icing, and squiggle candles.

We had to make 4 different colors of batter to make a rainbow cake. Really you are supposed to make all the colors of the rainbow, make a separate round cake out of each color, freeze each cake and then stack them in Roy B Giv order. I really don't have time for that so we improvised.

Jarrett only got to help with mixing the cake. I tried to let him help decorate, but the second I turned my back on him he stuck his little hand in the cake I had just iced and smeared it. So I sent him on his way out of the kitchen, he really didn't care anyway. Breeana put the footballs on then proceeded to boss me on what to write and where to put dots of icing. She finished the cakes of with red sprinkles and candles.

She was very proud of her cakes she made and enjoyed eating them more than she did making them. I am sure this will become a yearly tradition. If only she knew how much her mommy disliked cake making!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Hubby!

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