Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leonardo's Children's Museum

Today, Brandy, Graydon, the kid's -1 and I took a trip to Leonardo's in Enid. We had so much fun! There were a couple classes there for field trips so it was pretty crowded at first but when they all gathered to go to the outside part of the museum we had the entire inside pretty much to ourselves.

The kids shopped for and cooked dinner.

Played with the train table, don't ya love Graydon's boots in this picture! He got lots of compliments.

I think Bree and Graydon were fishing in this picture, but I am not sure.

They have an art room, and Bree to time to paint for about 10 seconds before she moved on to better things I guess.

They liked the sand table. Jarrett mostly wanted to throw the sand on the floor, but I was able to persuade him to use the shovel and sand wheels they had instead.

Have you ever seen any astronauts cuter than these too? They had a "blast" in this part of the museum.

Breeana wanted to be the "mean" guy aka alien. Graydon and Jarrett were a little too short for this, Graydon did manage to knock the whole thing over though!

I think my favorite part is the music area. They have xylophones, and a couple other noise makers. I think the xylophones where they kids favorite because they got to hit something. Jarrett really liked them.

We locked them in the tot area for a little bit so Brandy and I could take a little rest. It has a small ball pit, soft climby blocks, bead toys, etc. Jarrett just wanted to open and shut the gate. They didn't stay long. They really enjoyed just being free to roam and touch whatever they wanted because everything in kid friendly.

By far the highlight of the day was the huge wooden play area outside. I didn't get any pictures of it, was busy chasing my fearless boy all through it. It has stairs, rope courses, swinging bridges, etc. It is huge. They also have a tot area with some swings, sand pit, and these dinosaurs to climb on. Jarrett had fun climbing on them.

After we left the museum we had a fun lunch at chili's, and made quick stops at Old Navy, and Hobby Lobby.
A little Graydon funny. On the way home Brandy says "Hey G, tell Mrs. Tisha about the cat." He thinks a minute and this says, "Mrs. Tisha, about the cat" and then continues whatever he and Bree were up to in the back seat. He is so funny!

This little cutie stayed all night with his Nonny and then got some one on one time with her today. When I went to get him I picked him up and tried to talk to him and he wouldn't look at me. If I turned him toward my face he would cut his eyes the other way. I think he was mad at me for leaving him!
Tonight was the first Tornado Warning of the season for Woodward. I am thankful our neighbors have a basement and have told us we can come over when we need to. We took shelter there this evening when the sirens blew. I really don't like Tornado season and I am ready for it to be over!

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