Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us you life - Children's Names

So I decided today that I would participate in Show Us Your Life Friday from over at KellysKorner. Today was Kid's names: What they are and how you decided on them. So here goes.

Breeana Jean

Before I was pregnant with Bree I had several girl names that I loved. However, after finding out that she was a girl and that she was due on my Mom's birthday, I really wanted to somehow name her after my mom. My mom's name is Brenda Jean, so My husband and I both really like the name Breeana. It also happened that the meaning of the names is Perfect Gift From God. Which she so was after trying to conceive for 4 years.

Jarrett Scott

When we got pregnant with this little guy really didn't have names picked out for a girl or a boy.
We knew he would have daddy's name, Scott, for his middle name, but that was about it. I looked through some books and then one day I just thought of Jarrett. It was perfect since Scott's dad is James and my dad is Brett, it combined their names together.

Sawyer James

An easy explanation of his name would be to say we named him after the character James Sawyer from one of our favorite TV shows LOST. But, that wouldn't be the truth, I didn't even realized I had done that until I posted his name on facebook and someone pointed it out to me!

James is after Scott's dad. We want to somehow incorporate family names into all of our kid's names and well we are limited in names I like. My dad is Howard Brett, Scott's dads middle name is Harry, my grandpa Jim Newton, my great grandpa Clearance Newton. I wasn't liking any of those. I can't remember Scott grandpa's names but I asked his mom and dad and they were equally as interesting. I wanted his first name to start with an S because then his initials would be opposite his brothers. Sawyer was about the only S name I could get Scott to agree with me on!

We are still unsure if we want more children in the future but if we decide to and happen to have a girl I would like her name to be Josie (just cause I like it) Nell (after my grandma Cora Nell). Not sure on boy names :)

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Kara said...

Love this...I too was thinking about doing this since we want to unveil #4's name!