Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bones and Power

Breeana has started asking me random questions about God and Jesus lately. I love that she asks questions. I want to remember a couple recent ones, my answers, and her responses.

While she was taking a bath tonight. "Mom, does Jesus control us?"

I began to try and answer her question on a 4 almost 5 year old level. I did my best telling her Jesus gives us freedom to make our own choices, that we should read our bibles and pray for wisdom to make good choices. She then said "but I can't see Jesus to ask him". So I started talking to her about faith. She interrupted me wiggling her arms around and said "well mom I think our bones control us!".

Apparently she was talking about controlling our movement not our choices. I got a great teaching moment anyway, hopefully she heard and understood some of what I said!

This week after getting her from school she says "mom, God made everything out of nothing right?". I said "yes". She said "but how if there was nothing?"

Now she has asked this question before. I thought I had satisfied her with my previous answer. I tried to quickly find words to answer her again but in a way she could understand better. As I was stumbling over my words she says, "probably he just used His power mom!"

I forget that children have that "child like faith". They don't need long drawn out articulated answers. They just need the basics. It was by His power! If only I were satisfied with simple answers! So with this question Bree became the teacher reminding her momma to have faith like a child!

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