Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sawyer 11 months (late)

Sawyer was 11 months on the 15th. He's getting so big!

Fun things about Sawyer right now:

-feeds himself his bottles (finally)
-eats anything and everything he can get hold of
-finally sleeping through the night again
-4 teeth with more working their way in
-pulling up and cruising a lot
-jabbers but no actual words yet
-plays very well on his own
-loves his brother and sister to pay attention to him
-finally likes our puppy and will crawl over and pet and love on him
-so curious gets into everything
-will crawl at warp speed to get in the fridge anytime it is opened

My baby will be 1 February 15. I'm so happy he is growing, but this age is so fun watching him learn and explore I wish I could freeze time just a bit!

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