Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Breeana keeps me on my toes!

So tonight Scott were watching NCIS that we DVR'd (made up word kinda). We are pitiful we will schedule 2 shows at the same time, then turn off the TV for 30 minutes to an hour and then watch the shows just so we can fast forward commercials. Anyway, Breeana got out her markers and coloring books, this is normal, so I wasn't paying much attention. When I did look at her I noticed 3 purple spots on her forehead, one on each cheek, her chin, the bridge of her nose, etc. Now these wonderful princess stamper markers that her Aunt Crystal got her for Christmas don't wash off so well, so if you see faded purple marks or red splotches from me scrubbing the marker off on my daughters face tomorrow night at church, you will know why they are there. Scott got a pic on his phone, I will get hold of it and post it tomorrow!

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