Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jarrett's On The Move

So I have never been a fan of baby gates, nor is my house all that baby proof. Bree was/is such a good listener (most of the time) has never been really nosey about MY stuff, doesn't get into cabinets, and really just likes to play with her stuff . And then there is Jarrett. This week he has discovered the kitchen and bathroom. He tries to follow me everywhere. Maybe Bree didn't do this b/c she didn't even crawl until she was 9 months and then she was content to stay in one room. Anyway, I think I am going to have to invest in a couple of gates to block off my kitchen from my curious little boy.

Here are some pics of him this morning. He crawled under his toy and then let out a huge "LOOK AT ME MOM" squeal and was all smiles. When I got my phone out to take a pic he decided he needed it and came crawling toward me.

HE IS ORNERY!!!!!! But I love HIM!!!!


Kara said...

welcome to the world of boys...there is nothing they don't want to get in to! it is a crazy obsession! we have a baby gate over here that we aren't using yet, if you want to borrow it!

Dawn said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

Gates are the answer. Since I got Cassy's kids I've been using three of them. Calley gets into the bathroom unrolls the TP, tries to go through the dog door, into the bedroom and empties her diapers all over the floor. It's crazy! Have fun and enjoy his mobility.

Love Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I baby proofed my house and gage still manages to get into everything:)


Becky said...

I would have said the same thing Kara said about boys, but you've met Ella :) Baby gates, while not attractive are a definite necessity for busy little people!