Friday, January 9, 2009


Ashley and I are having a girls night tonight and I am so ready. My mom is keeping the kids and we are going to see Bride Wars at the lovely Woodward Theatre. I believe mom is going to keep the kiddos all night, unless Bree does her throw a fit I need to go home routine, and I am going to SLEEP IN in the morning!!!! YEAH!

Also today I am going to attempt to take Jarrett's 6 month pictures with the assistance of my mom. I am tired of paying high prices at the walmart portrait studio, b/c when I go I have to do all the posing and have ideas cause all the little person does is point and click. And I DO NOT want to drive to Sears in Enid. So wish me luck, should be interesting, maybe I'll put them up on my blog tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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Kara said...

WE have club night at Yulonda's should come and scrapbook with us too!