Friday, January 9, 2009

From My Iphone Camera

Okay these are just a bunch of pics I have captured with my spiffy IPhone. I find myself using it to take pics more than my camera. I guess as my mom and aunts would say I am always messing with it so it is easier to locate than my camera at any giving time as it is usually in my hand! The pics are in no particular order so I will just put captions above them to explain if necessary.

This is "Handy Breezy" I had to sing the Handy Manny song with her name in it. She decided my swifter wet jet was "broken" and she needed to fix it, but that couldn't be done with out work clothes like daddy and work boots like Nane!

She looks so sweet and innocent!

Daddy catching a nap while feeding his boy.

Big blue eyes, I think 2 teeth are going to pop through anytime now.

Um this is what a bored little girl does the day after Christmas. Created new outfits out of decorations!!

Just hanging out in the saucer toy.

Helping Non cook at Nan's House.

Sharing a Pepsi with Non! This is a normal activity for these two!

He is getting really good at rocking, but he gives up to soon and goes back to army crawling.

This was her favorite hat for a few days. She wore it everywhere. I think she kinda looks like her pal goofy in it!

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