Monday, April 13, 2009


Breeana had a little trampoline I think last year. She jumped and jumped on it. It finally gave way and the straps that hold the mat in place dry rotted. She loved it so much. She has been asking for a new tampoline (she leaves out the r) ever since. When I was in the hospital with Jarrett and mom had to leave to be with Shane and Ashley, Bree spent the day with Lori Davis. She has a big trampoline and Breeana love, love, loved it. I think she made Lori jump for like 3 hours. Anyway, we finally got around to ordering her one last month. Here are some pictures of her enjoying it with Nane and Ash. It is her daddy's job to take on the trampoline, I will have to go out next time they are on it and get some pics of them. The play something called "LION"???

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