Saturday, April 25, 2009

We had a fairly eventful day today. This morning Ryan came to play with his cousins at mema's house. Jarrett "clobbered" him with hugs and kisses...Ryan wasn't to impressed and quickly cried fir rescue.

This afternoon we had Ryan's first birthday party. Bree and Kimberly played outside and wore themselves our. Jarrett loved all over my friend Rebecca whom he has not been around since he was a few months old. Funny how you can raise two kids in the same home and they can have such different personalities. Bree would barely let family hold her and Jarrett, well he will go to just about anyone.

I brought Kimmy,Bree, and Jarrett back to Mema's with me after the party so Mema and Crystal could clean up. Jarrett napped and me and the girls did crafts.

This evening Crystal helped me on a tomato plant hunt for my mom. We ended up with 66 plants for $12.00, I'd say we did pretty good. We had Speedy's to go for dinner, I highlighted Crystals hair, played a little American Idol on the WI, and after this little recap of today I know why I feel wornout. Think I'll catch some zzzzz's now! Good Night All!

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