Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She is her Nonny's Grandchild

Breeana jumped on the coffee table a couple nights ago and busted out a few new dance moves for her dad and I. I think she gets it from her Nonny. Sometimes you just gotta dance a jig with or without music!! (She made her own music for this jig)

Couldn't leave my handsome boy out...he's growing way too fast!!!


Dawn said...

Very cute--I wasn't aware of Nonny's coffee table dancing abilities.

Sarah Castor said...

haha! give her a couple years and we can break it down together! Your kids are awesome!

Hilary said...

What a silly goose! Love the story on the last post. I also enjoyed your A to Z post. I've never tried apples and salt!? I'll do it soon- the A to Z post I mean. Well, maybe I'll do the apples and salt too.