Friday, April 24, 2009

Wonderful Friday!

We made a quick trip to McDonald's today to grab some lunch. Breeana has been very good about playing in the playplace and I really don't even know she is there. Well for those of you who have played at the WW Mcd's you knows the green way up into the toy. Well I guess she has never ventured to the TOP green ledge before. She got up there and started whining, "Mom I'm stuck." I didn't believe her at first and she started crying and slightly freaking out. So I made my way up to her. I guess there is a larger gap between the top and next to top ledge b/c when I got up there I told her you can climb down your a big girl. Well she tried and her feet wouldn't reach the ledge below in her mind she was stuck...she only needed to let go of the top ledge and drop a whole inch and she would have been on the lower ledge. Anyway that was fun cause I am not by any means a "small" person and climbing between ledges was quite a task.

As for Jarrett. We went to Urgent Care for a horrible cough today (Dr. K closes at noon on Friday's) Luckily we got a decent doctor, but unfortunately for me Jarrett has Croup as I had suspected so I paid my co-pay and didn't find out anything I wasn't already aware of. I took him to confirm my suspicion since we are heading to Glenpool as soon as Scott gets of work. Atleast through all Jarrett's RSV stuff a couple months ago good ole' insurance had to purchase me a nebulizer and Doc K prescribed us lots of refills on Xopenex, b/c doc said breathing treatments will give Jarrett some relief.

This weekend we will be celebrating my nephew Ryan's 1st birthday (April 22nd). That makes me a little sad because if he is 1 Jarrett is only 8 weeks away from being 1. His first year has flown by. Also Bree gets to be a visitor with Kimmy at The Little Gym, so I basically get to test drive gym/dance with her so I can see if she is interested or not before I sign her up here and waste money. Hopefully Scott will be home at a descent hour this evening and we can make it to Glenpool before Mid-Night. Have a great Weekend!!

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Dawn said...

I have had to awkwardly climb the top of that thing myself to rescue a frightened scaredy cat. It was embarrasing!