Sunday, April 26, 2009


If you read my previous post you know Saturday was a busy day, but today we got to just hang out and play on the new swing set Mema and Papa bought the grandkids. This is a mostly picture post so enjoy!




An attempt at a group shot, these are as good as they get with four very busy little ones!

We had lots of fun, we go back May 7-11 for a little trip with Scott's family to Branson can't wait!!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

We had a fairly eventful day today. This morning Ryan came to play with his cousins at mema's house. Jarrett "clobbered" him with hugs and kisses...Ryan wasn't to impressed and quickly cried fir rescue.

This afternoon we had Ryan's first birthday party. Bree and Kimberly played outside and wore themselves our. Jarrett loved all over my friend Rebecca whom he has not been around since he was a few months old. Funny how you can raise two kids in the same home and they can have such different personalities. Bree would barely let family hold her and Jarrett, well he will go to just about anyone.

I brought Kimmy,Bree, and Jarrett back to Mema's with me after the party so Mema and Crystal could clean up. Jarrett napped and me and the girls did crafts.

This evening Crystal helped me on a tomato plant hunt for my mom. We ended up with 66 plants for $12.00, I'd say we did pretty good. We had Speedy's to go for dinner, I highlighted Crystals hair, played a little American Idol on the WI, and after this little recap of today I know why I feel wornout. Think I'll catch some zzzzz's now! Good Night All!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wonderful Friday!

We made a quick trip to McDonald's today to grab some lunch. Breeana has been very good about playing in the playplace and I really don't even know she is there. Well for those of you who have played at the WW Mcd's you knows the green way up into the toy. Well I guess she has never ventured to the TOP green ledge before. She got up there and started whining, "Mom I'm stuck." I didn't believe her at first and she started crying and slightly freaking out. So I made my way up to her. I guess there is a larger gap between the top and next to top ledge b/c when I got up there I told her you can climb down your a big girl. Well she tried and her feet wouldn't reach the ledge below in her mind she was stuck...she only needed to let go of the top ledge and drop a whole inch and she would have been on the lower ledge. Anyway that was fun cause I am not by any means a "small" person and climbing between ledges was quite a task.

As for Jarrett. We went to Urgent Care for a horrible cough today (Dr. K closes at noon on Friday's) Luckily we got a decent doctor, but unfortunately for me Jarrett has Croup as I had suspected so I paid my co-pay and didn't find out anything I wasn't already aware of. I took him to confirm my suspicion since we are heading to Glenpool as soon as Scott gets of work. Atleast through all Jarrett's RSV stuff a couple months ago good ole' insurance had to purchase me a nebulizer and Doc K prescribed us lots of refills on Xopenex, b/c doc said breathing treatments will give Jarrett some relief.

This weekend we will be celebrating my nephew Ryan's 1st birthday (April 22nd). That makes me a little sad because if he is 1 Jarrett is only 8 weeks away from being 1. His first year has flown by. Also Bree gets to be a visitor with Kimmy at The Little Gym, so I basically get to test drive gym/dance with her so I can see if she is interested or not before I sign her up here and waste money. Hopefully Scott will be home at a descent hour this evening and we can make it to Glenpool before Mid-Night. Have a great Weekend!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trampoline Cuties!!!!

We went out on the trampoline today. I love it because Bree gets to burn stored energy and Jarrett can't get to far, it's a giant bounce playpen for him! I got a few cute pictures of my sweeties.

I got her to sit still and pose for a few seconds, her hair looks a little reddish orange in the sunshine!

They love each other most of the time, Bree clobbered him shortly after. I use clobber because tonight at puggles Bree comes running to Amanda and I crying, I asked what was wrong and she said "Harley clobbered me!" I don't think I have ever used the word in front of her...she tells me Ashley says it?!?!

Isn't he just a little cutie in his little fishin' hat? I just love this little guy to pieces...he is such a little love bug!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She is her Nonny's Grandchild

Breeana jumped on the coffee table a couple nights ago and busted out a few new dance moves for her dad and I. I think she gets it from her Nonny. Sometimes you just gotta dance a jig with or without music!! (She made her own music for this jig)

Couldn't leave my handsome boy out...he's growing way too fast!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Me: Did you just knock your brother over?
Bree: Yes just a little, but nicely though.

I think that's her way of saying it was an accident! Gotta love her!

Me, Me A to Z

A: Attached or Single? Attached to my Hubby!
B: Best Friend? I would have to say Scott...although I have a few friends that I would also rank as my Best Friends.
C: Cake or Pie? mmmm both!!! Pumpkin Pie and Poppy Seed Cake!
D: Day of Choice? I would say Saturday, Scott's usually home and we have NO plans just be together with our kiddos!
E: Essential Item? IPHONE...LOVE IT!
F: Favorite Color? I love Yellow and Red Equally
G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Haribo Gummy Bears Only Please!
H: Hometown? I guess I would have to say Paden, b/c the majority of our extended family is there and that is where we gather. I graduated and went most of my school years in Glenpool, but it never really felt like "home" either.
I: Favorite Indulgence? Sopapilla Cheesecake!
J: January or July? July
K: Kids? Breeana my little fireball is 3, Jarrett my little mommy's boy is 10 months, and one in heaven lost at 10 weeks pregnant.
L: Life isn't complete without? My Family!
M: Marriage Date? November 4, 2000
N: Number of brothers and sisters? 1
O: Oranges or apples? Apples no peelings and salt (yes I am weird) I think my Brother puts salt on them too!!!
P: Phobias? Fear of falling over the edge of something i.e. Balcony's! Kids on in the Balcony at church next to the rails make my heart race...Shane takes Bree up there just to get me going!
Q: Quotes? "I love you to the canos" (Breeana)
R: Reasons to smile? Looking at God's creation's big and small and realizing how awesome He Is!! My kids! And the fact that I will one day meet my Savior!
S: Season of choice? Fall...not to hot not to cold, leaves on the ground, Thanksgiving, Love everything about it!
T: Tag 5 people? Michelle, Dawn, Hilary, Janice, Dad
U: Unknown fact? Unknown!
V: Vegetable? Green Beans
W: Worst Habit? Starting loads of laundry, and then never finishing...I've been known to wash the same load several times before it makes it to the dryer.
X: X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y: Your favorite food? Fried Garden Fresh Potatoes and Squash together...ready for mom's garden to be producing!!!
Z: Zodiac sign? Aquarius

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I a blogging on the go now! Woohoo!!!

Productive Parenting

I was reading Kelly's blog at today and she mentioned a website so I had to check it out. It is you can sign up for free and it will email you an age appropriate activity to do with your child every day. You can put each of your children in and receive an activity for each of them.

I think it will be fun. Breeana is pretty bored around here these days so I could use the activity ideas. So go check it out when you have a chance. It will come in handy for my Sunday School Class as well!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Breeana had a little trampoline I think last year. She jumped and jumped on it. It finally gave way and the straps that hold the mat in place dry rotted. She loved it so much. She has been asking for a new tampoline (she leaves out the r) ever since. When I was in the hospital with Jarrett and mom had to leave to be with Shane and Ashley, Bree spent the day with Lori Davis. She has a big trampoline and Breeana love, love, loved it. I think she made Lori jump for like 3 hours. Anyway, we finally got around to ordering her one last month. Here are some pictures of her enjoying it with Nane and Ash. It is her daddy's job to take on the trampoline, I will have to go out next time they are on it and get some pics of them. The play something called "LION"???

Napping with Daddy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Outfits and Other Stuff

Easter weekend has been alot of fun. Breeana got to go to two Easter Carnivals yesterday. I guess because she got so so so much candy she has decided it is Trick-or-Treat Eggs. I tried to reason with her but it did no good.

We went to church today as we do every Sunday. I only managed to get these to pictures of the kids when we got home. They were both pretty cranky so they are not great.

We had the Pickards over for dinner on Friday, her is a picture I snapped of the kids playing together. I think we are going to have to buy two more ride-ons so they won't have to fight over one.

Breeana helping me make Chicken and Noodles.

And my ornery little boy who gets into everything!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Eggs!!

So Ashley was logged into Blogger on my pc again and I didn't know it. I did an entire Easter Egg post and it posted to her Blog. I will start making sure I am logged in from now on. I really don't want to redo the whole thing, so if you want to see it here is the link...