Friday, December 17, 2010

Bree's Christmas Party

Today was Bree's Christmas party at school. I signed up to help and I'm glad I went because it was just me and the mom who headed up the party that showed up!

Anyway, Bree got to eat pizza and cookies, make an ornament, and they read a story.

Jarrett asked to come to Sissy's school. Sawyer stayed home with Scott.

All of the kids in Bree's class were sweet and I got to meet all of her friend's!

I think all the kids had at least 2 slices of pizza. They were hungry!

I was a little bummed that school would be out for 2 weeks (just being honest)! Then I realized we won't have to rush in the mornings or get out in the cold. I know we will have lots of fun :)

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