Saturday, December 4, 2010

Early Christmas Gift

So last year before we even closed on our house we rushed and got a yorkie. He had to stay at mom and dads a couple weeks until we moved in. Anyway, I was pregnant, Bree disliked him, Scott really disliked him! I think I rushed us getting a pet and the timing was BAD! We found him a good home (Ashley's sister) and he is loved and well taken care of.

Fast forward to now. Bree has been asking for a pet for awhile now. She has grown up so much since she started school. Scott and I took our time, I researched dogs trying to decide what breed we wanted. I new toy breeds were out, Jare is way to rough for them. I wanted one I could train to run with me, could be indoors and outdoors. We decided on a Boxer. I had a litter found in Tulsa but they wouldn't be ready until right before Christmas and I wasn't sure how to get there and get it. I was browsing this weeks Tradio adds and someone had called in boxer pups yesterday. I made the call and we got this little guy today.

He has already been an indoor/outdoor pup and has been wrangled by a 2 year old for his whole 8 weeks of life so far. Bree loves him, he's sturdy enough for Jare, and Saw...

He likes the crate!

I think he's gonna be a great fit for our family, he's already better for us than the yorkie was! I only chose a yorkie because I had one before we moved to Woodward who was so good (still is Ashley's Dad has him, I would have kept him but our rent house wouldn't allow pets). I should have known just because it's the same breed doesn't mean it will be like a previous dog!

P.S. Scott says he's his good luck dog...Boomer Sooner!!!

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