Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas #3 Part 1

Working around work schedules this year is a bit crazy. Scott is usually off (no one usually higher their rigs out this time of year) the week before Christmas. Not true this year, which is a blessing, and I'm thankful he has work. Just makes for crazy scheduling.

He got home around 7:30 last night and Shane arrived here around 9 after he worked all day. We went to Mom and Dad's to open gifts together. I love watching my kids open gifts and their eyes light up. They got tons of stuff!

Christmas, any family gathering we have, and well just everyday in general is always bitter sweet. There will always be a special little boy missing and I hate that. I hate that my brother and Ashley's hearts are hurting, yet they force smiles through their pain, hate that I can't buy my nephew the coolest gift on his list, or just hug and love all over him! I am thankful he is in the Father's arms and always will be, but I wish he were here with us.

We will have our Christmas lunch today with my grandma Linda. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of that to post.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

(Bree and Sawyer have had fever since 3 yesterday. Hoping to get them into the doctor today to see what's going on.)

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Ashley said...

Oh my just read this! Made me cry bad... thanks for loving us and remembering!